India market opportunity
Focus on Market assessment, 'Go- No Go' inputs, New concepts, Supply scenario, Sales & Distribution, Business forecasts, Business plans and suggested way forward. This exercise is done in markets outside India through a travel and deliver model.
  • Information
  • Insights
  • Ideas
  • Implementation

Information is based on quality data collection, primary and secondary. Our reliance is significantly higher on primary data sources. In all our engagements we sift through all secondary data sources for information relevance:
  • Product-Application map
  • Usage and attitudes
  • Current solutions
  • Buyer behaviour
  • Market size
  • Felt, latent needs
  • Demand drivers
  • Future outlook
  • Competitive landscape
  • Channel dynamics
  • Concept reaction
  • Supply chain
  • Areas of dissatisfaction
  • Price bands
  • Target segments
  • Usage, replacement norms
  • Regulations
  • Selling practices