About us

We commenced operations in June 1985 as a consumer market research firm . In early 1992, SDRC decided to focus on business to business research in addition to its consumer research portfolio. The work done by SDRC went beyond conventional market research to tactical and strategic consulting.

Currently, our 140 consultants operate out of 4 offices worldwide. SDRC has grown from a market research firm (B2B, Consumer, Customer satisfaction) to a full services firm with a business advisory focus. SDRC also represents overseas firms for their business interests in the Indian subcontinent.

SDRC has a compelling value proposition to provide strategic advice and implementation assistance to SMB's. Our approach is ground-up and our roots in market research provide a strong foundation for actionable ideas. This has resonated with our clients who are increasingly using us for these services. Our credibility stems from our diverse sector record (over 36 sectors), extensive experience (300+ engagements), tangible results (over US$1 billion investments in Brazil, China and India) and exposure to leading firms (over 220).